Nurses Week Commemoration Tips

Held annually in May, Nurses Week is based around the birthday of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. Nursing professionals frequently work long hours and are tasked with the overall well being of many different patients. It is common for nurses to spend many hours on their feet, often failing to take a moment to rest or have a real meal. Celebrating Nurses Week is a great way for healthcare facilities to show their appreciation for all of their nurses’ efforts.

A little creativity goes a long way for effectively showing thanks and support. Nurses Week is a special time that every healthcare facility should honor, but it needn’t be difficult!  Here are some easy and fun ideas for celebrating Nurses Week:

  • Host a special celebration or reception: No matter how casual the affair, healthcare facilities that organize a time to recognize its nurses’ contributions show they truly care. Whether it is a small reception featuring cake and coffee or a catered luncheon,  taking these steps is essential in order to show nurses how valued they are.
  • Get crafty: Creative presents are often the best received. Facilities that give simple but personalized gifts demonstrate that they appreciate their nurses. One hospital gave each of their nurses a personalized coffee mug, while another created their own t-shirt designs.  Personalization goes a long way in sending a meaningful message.
  • Schedule a mini spa day:  Hosting a mini spa day for the nursing team at the office it’s a great way to show appreciation for all if the hard work nurses do. Reserve a quiet space in the facility and offer up soothing music and short massages. Send each nurse home with a stress ball, a box of herbal tea, and some soothing hand cream or lotion and the day is complete.



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