Travel Nursing in California: Central Valley
The Central Valley is defined by beautiful fields, vast open plains and is more commonly known as “California’s Backyard.” The Central Valley is a hidden gem in for travel nurses in California who want to be tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the big cities. The 400-mile-long Central Valley area supplies one quarter of the United States food supply. Plus, the Central Valley is nestled at the base of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range and incredibly close to four different beautiful national parks.   

Weather in Central Valley:
The Mediterranean climate in the Central Valley is ideal for travel nursing. Characteristic to California, the weather in the Central Valley is more than desirable.

Economy in the Central Valley:

Crime Rate in the Central Valley:
Low, considered one of the safest neighborhoods in the state.

Transportation in Central Valley:
Highways: Interstate 5, Interstate 80 and State Route 99

What Travel Nurses Love About Central Valley:

  1.  Right in the Middle: If you love to sightsee and take trips, Central Valley is the place for you. Central Valley is right in the middle of the state, allowing you easy access to Northern and Southern California for a weekend vacation or quick getaway. 
  2. Peace and Quiet: With miles of open and rolling plains, Central Valley is an amazing place to come and relax. It is a place where you can sit out on your front porch and just enjoy the largest garden that California has to offer.
  3. Great for Outdoor Lovers: Central Valley is great for anyone who loves the great outdoors. Being almost completely surrounded by mountain ranges, Central Valley is the perfect place to set up your home and base camp for adventures in the mountains. In the mountains you can hike, climb, camp, bike and much, much more.
  4. Food and Wine: Central Valley has some of the best food and wine choices in the state. There is an abundance of wine tasting tours and top-rated restaurants throughout the region, not to mention the beautiful view of the Valley while you sip and dine.