Top 5 Places to Live In California for Travel Nurses

(1) San Francisco: Nurses, pack your bags and journey to the cultural center of the West Coast. If you are a travel nurse who enjoys cultural diversity, than San Francisco is the perfect city for you. Take a cable car ride through the city and explore both Japantown and Chinatown or allow the Golden Gate Bridge to be your backdrop while picnicking with friends. San Francisco contains an abundance of top notch, high-paying travel nursing jobs throughout the city. As a travel nurse, you have the advantage of living close to work, in one of the most beautiful cities in the state of California.  Perks: High paying nurse jobs, good public transportation, plenty of activities and entertainment.

(2) Los Angeles: Become star struck in the city of Los Angeles. Travel nursing brings you to one of the hippest, most mesmerizing cities in America. From the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre to the Walk of Fame, your options for entertainment are endless. As a travel nurse in Los Angeles, you will experience some of the most prestigious art museums, galleries and theatres in the world. There are absolutely no limits in Los Angeles. Sunbathe on the beaches of Malibu or let loose on the dance floor at one of the many exhilarating night clubs in Hollywood. Perks: Many travel nursing job available, trendsetting environment, entertainment and activities are endless.

(3) Orange County: Travel to Orange County where everyday is a beach day! With miles and miles of coastline, Orange County offers great weather and breathtaking landscapes. Travel nursing in Orange County is the perfect place for the whole family. Visit “The Happiest Place on Earth,” Disneyland for non-stop fun and entertainment. Experience top-quality facilities, high pay and friendly people at every travel nursing job in Orange County. Perks: Safe and newly built communities, family friendly, great location in between the booming cities of Los Angeles and San Diego.

(4) Fresno: Travel nursing jobs are in high demand throughout the state of California. But one of the largest perks of travel nursing in the city of Fresno is the remarkably high pay. As one of the highest paying cities for travel nursing, why pass up a travel nursing assignment in Fresno? Centrally located between Los Angeles and San Francisco, weekend getaways are a wonderful treat. Whatever defines fun for you, you will find it in Fresno. Visit Yosemite Park or explore downtown Fresno for fine cuisine and wonderful shopping. Perks: Highest paying nurse jobs in California.

(5) San Diego: Known as the “Birthplace of Summer,” San Diego is one of the most coveted destinations for travel nurses. In a place where flip-flops are acceptable all year around, San Diego’s laid back culture allows you to truly relax during your travel nursing assignment. With beautiful weather, beautiful beaches and beautiful sunsets, San Diego is the ideal city for travel nursing. The cultural diversity of San Diego has provided a unique, yet classy downtown environment for all to enjoy. From fine dining to dynamic nightclubs, downtown San Diego is favored by travel nurses of all ages. Perks: Many travel nursing job opportunities, safe communities, family friendly, diverse.