Travel Nursing in California: San Francisco
Known as a cultural hub for the state of California, San Francisco is like its own little country. Alcatraz Island, the Golden Gate Bridge and trolley cars are just some of the landmarks and attractions that pull in millions of visitors each year. Not to mention the shopping is fabulous; from small discount and flea markets to name brand high class shops, you can find yourself quickly diving into your wallet to buy and spend to your heart’s desire!

Weather in San Francisco:
The weather in San Francisco is very breezy and enjoyable. As San Francisco is surrounded on three sides of water, the climate stays moderate throughout most of the year, but heats up in the summer and cools down in the winter for nurses who love the changing seasons.  

Economy in San Francisco:

Transportation in San Francisco:
Rail Transit: San Francisco Municipal Railway, cable cars, Caltrain, Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART).
Air Transit: San Francisco International Airport, Oakland International Airport (25 miles) and San Jose International Airport (60 miles)
Bus Transit: Transbay Terminal, SamTrans (San Mateo County), Gold Gate (Marin and Sonoma Counties) and Amtrak.

Crime Rate in San Francisco:
Low, crime rate in San Francisco has decreased significantly in recent years.

What Travel Nurses Love About San Francisco:

  1. The City Itself: San Francisco has so much to offer travel nurses. Anything from the beautiful weather and the glistening bay to wonderful shopping and friendly people. San Francisco is unbeatable.
  2. Public Transportation: With a variety of public transportation options, getting around the city has never been easier. Travel nurses are able to conveniently catch a trolley or bus ride to and from work, while avoiding traffic and saving on gas money.
  3. Cultural Diversity: One of the greatest things about San Francisco is the diversity of the city. From people and food, fashion and art, the city provides a variety of cultural diversity for every travel nurse to enjoy.