Travel Nursing in California: San Diego
San Diego is one of the most beautiful and lively places on the West Coast. Home to several beaches, bays and bridges, it is easy to find yourself not too far from the warm waters of the Pacific Ocean. San Diego also hosts many events, concerts and conventions year round. This magical city is divided up into many different areas that offer something great for everyone to appreciate. Whether it’s Old Town, Downtown or beach town, there is no town like San Diego.

Weather in San Diego:
Home to miles of sandy beaches, sunny San Diego is known for its gorgeous weather and salty breezes.  

Economy in San Diego:
Defense, Manufacturing and Tourism

Transportation in San Diego:
Public transit: San Diego Metropolitan Transit System: (Coaster, trolleys, buses), Amtrak
Air Transit: San Diego International Airport

Crime Rate in San Diego:
San Diego remains one of the safest of the largest cities in the country. And crime statistics show that the crime rate continues to decrease over the years.

What Travel Nurses Love About San Diego:

  1. The Beautiful Weather: It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is, travel nurses can throw on shorts and a tank top and still feel comfortable outdoors. And sandals are a must for footwear year round.
  2. Sandy White Beaches: Travel nurses flock to San Diego for the gorgeous beaches. Del Mar, La Jolla and Coronado are some of the most well-known beaches in San Diego. Spend your weekend sunbathing on the beach or gather some friends and enjoy a game of Frisbee or volleyball along the shore.  
  3. Big Hats and Horse Races: Every year, thousands of people take off to the opening day of the Del Mar Races. Travel nurses can experience great food and entertainment, while placing bets on their favorite horse of the day.