Travel Nursing in California: Palm Springs
This desert resort town is a great place for travel nurses to unwind, relax and enjoy the 365 days of clear blue skies. Palm Springs offers everything from top-notch golf courses to terrific spa packages. Palm Springs is also very well known for its fun nightlife, numerous dining options and great shopping outlets. Local casinos and nightclubs bring the desert to life even after the sun sets. Lounging by the pool and indulging in some much needed relaxation is just a typical day for travel nurses in Palm Springs.

Weather in Palm Springs:
Palm Springs weather is generally hot and dry, with clear skies throughout most of the year. The area experiences less than six inches of rain annually. This means travel nurses can experience the enjoyment of poolside relaxation all year round.

Economy in Palm Springs:

Crime Rate in Palm Springs:
Crime rate is considered very low. As a vacation getaway, Palm Springs and the surrounding cities of Rancho Mirage and Palm Desert are considered very safe.

Transportation in Palm Springs:
Travel nurses in Palm Springs are suggested to bring a car.
Bus Transit: SunLine Transit Agency
Rail Transit: Amtrack
Air Transit: Palm Springs International Airport

What Travel Nurses Love About Palm Springs:

  1. Relaxation and Tranquility: Palm Springs is the perfect place to rejuvenate. Travel nursing in Palm Springs allows nurses to turn their weekend getaway into a daily lifestyle. Whether you decide to hang out poolside or hit some tennis balls with friends, Palm Springs is truly a place you will enjoy.
  2. Shoot for 18 holes: Golf courses in Palm Springs are some of the best in the country. If you are a travel nurse who loves outdoor activities, scheduling some days to hit the green is a must. So grab your clubs and let lose on the course as you enjoy the warm weather and beautiful sunshine.
  3. Fine Cuisine: From Italian to Mexican food, Palm Springs has it all. Catch a quick bite to eat at the Café Amuse or wine and dine at Viceroy.
  4. Mini Vegas: There might not be as much glitz and glam as Vegas, but Palm Springs has the fun and games that you won’t want to miss. Hit up the slot machines or make your bets at the black jack table.
  5. No Traffic: What travel nurse doesn’t love the idea of avoiding traffic after your shift is over? Travel nursing in Palm Springs makes this a reality.